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Every time few of us meet, the discussion almost always turns towards Pakistan’s current political, economic, social and security issues.  Everyone talks passionately about the issues, show their disappointment on the leaders and officials comparatively more passionately and show hopelessness if it will ever improve.

Admin of this website also share similar feelings, with a difference though.  the admin also tries to do an introspection and try to think as to what is he doing or can do about it?  Is there something that he can do that may help?  What?  How?

The admin of this site just doesn’t want to blame others rather, introspectively thinking, try to analyze what has been his/her part in this mess.

Admin’s intention is not to think or talk only about issues, rather to try to come up with solutions that may address these issues.  These solutions may be simple, small and at a micro micro level, but these are solutions not just questions, contribution not just criticism, these are admin’s two cents, which if used and followed may help improving things.  Just talking and criticizing never helps, what help are solutions and actions.

Suggestions made at this site may be debatable, they may just be a starting point, or they may not be practical at all, but the point here is that instead of just asking questions and blaming others it’s time we start talking about suggesting solutions and taking ownership.

With the above thinking the admin has started writing about solutions or anything that may help our country, in the hope to motivate individuals to act and take the first step in making a positive change but also to collectively create a voice that reaches decision makers and may help in legislation and policy making and getting the same implemented.  The admin also started sharing positive news and pictures about beautiful Pakistan and daily business, economic, industrial, educational and cultural life there to create a positive image and to support tourism.

If you feel the above may help, please subscribe to this blog, share the blog posts with others, comment on posts or share your ideas, pictures or even blogs to be added to this website.  You can also start a new discussion thread on the forum page.

There is only one objective, we want ourselves to be known as contributors not as critics.

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