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Unsung heroes

Unsung heroes – Main bhi Pakistan hoon!

This page is dedicated to our non-Muslim brothers, the heroes that have played an important role in serving their country (Pakistan) even to the extent that some of them martyred their lives for this country. We want to pay tribute to all our Hindu, Christian, Sikh, Parsi, Baha’i, Buddhist and all other fellow Pakistani brothers and/or sisters following any faith other than the faith of the majority, for their valuable contributions to their homeland.

Following is a list we could gather as starting point, but I am almost positive for this list continue to grow as more information becomes available. If you find someone missing, or have some additional information about anyone already listed, please provide us the details. We will gladly update.

To be fair and respectful to all, listing underneath is in alphabetical order NOT with respect to relevant importance one gets over the other. All are equally honorable and respectable for the whole country.

To view complete profile of each of our national heroes please click on their name.

Please feel free to pay your own tribute to the above hero/heroine(s) using the comments section, or provide us additional, but authentic, information about him/her on the above person/group or even suggest a name to be covered. Thanks.

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Babar Saeed


May 19, 2020

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